Discover the Ecuadorian Andes, their prodigious geography and traditions.

It will be quite an experience!

We welcome, with open arms travellers from all around the world. From backpackers to adventurous families, anyone who wants to live these new, exciting experiences.

The Cotopaxi Campground is the perfect meeting place for hikers to acclimatize, rest and feed themselves up for their upcoming adventures. Alos people who like mountaineering can take advantage of the Cotopaxi Campground when doing acclimatisation programs and summit hikes to the volcanos. We are located close to the volcanos, Rumiñahui 4600m, Sincholagua 4893m, Cotopaxi 5897m, Ilinizas North 5126m, Ilinizas South 5250m, Pasachoa 4200m, Corazón 4788m and lots more. Therefore we are surrounded by fabulous volcanos that you are can explore and admire.

We invite you to live with us this experience of rest, contemplation and silence. A perfect place to escape the everyday accelerated pace of life and at the same time find yourself and connect with nature.