Rural community tourism experience

Exploring our surroundings and our home San Juan de Pastocalle.

EThis touristic project was born with the aim of promoting rural tourism and through this activity revitalise the economy among everyone involved. We believe that this type of tourism can have a positive impact on the local people and our proposal will help to boost employment for locals. We are an entrepreneurial town but also a town of traditions which we want to share, save, maintain alive and show to our visitors the value and wealth that these traditions posses. We are people committed to saving our traditions and their place of value. The people who visit our project will live different experiences, generating knowledge and learning about our true identity. We offer you experiences that really feed the soul.

Learn more about our local tourism initiatives and community ventures:


Production of artesanal brooms

The town of San Juan de Pastocalle is known for the production of brooms, handcrafted with natural fibre, these products are distributed all around Ecuador. We will visit the workshops where they hand make these products so you can learn and get to know the procedure of this laborious work that is the only income for many families. And with our visit we contribute towards so that they can keep alive this tradition.

Rose plantations

Thanks to the high quality of the soil and water underneath our moorlands, this is the optimum place for growing and exporting roses. In this area there are many rose plantations, always producing an extremely high quality product, grown organically with many being exported abroad. We are going to visit and get to know the cultivation process and why the Ecuadorian rose is considered the best in the world.


Making Artesanal Ice cream

The Cotopaxi province is characterised by the production of ice cream, in this area there is a small factory where they hand craft delicious ice creams with fruits, it is well worth the visit. We will learn the procedure of making ice cream and of course get the chance to try some fresh flavoured ice cream.

Cheese production

The cheese factories that exist in this area have been making fresh cheese for many years, and now they are managing their business with local people, collecting milk everyday from the small family farms all around the town. The cheese factory is a huge part of their economy! For just a small price anyone can visit the factory and watch the complex process of making cheese right infront of them. The best time to visit is the early hours of the morning, when the milk is almost pasteurised and ready to be poured into the rectangular cheese mold. The cheese we use in the Cotopaxi Campground is of course from our local cheese factory and couldn’t be more fresh and delicious.


Due to our privileged and strategic location we are surrounded by very interesting and important natural attractions, one being the Ecological Reserve of the Ilinizas. Inside this reserve, in the middle of the moorlands you will find a mythical waterfall and some natural thermal baths. The water flows from inside the south peak of the Ilinizas to these thermal pools that are called ‘Cunuyacu’ meaning ‘water cradle’ in English. In ancient times this is where our ancestors would practise traditional ceremonies. This is the perfect place for you to take a relaxing bath in fresh mountain water, at an altitude of 4123m, as well as making a visit to the Polylepis forest which is found at 4064m altitude. Here you will be able to get to know the flora and fauna of the area and identify the native plants that are used in natural remedies for medical purposes.